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    Price for extended warranty?

    Got a 150 SCIC with wake tower and want to get an extended warranty. Looking for a ballpark cost for a +1 and a +2 warranty (believe it comes with 1 year, so looking for 2 or 3 years total).

    Anyone out there buy one and can give me a ballpark?

    Dealer hasn't called me back in over 1 week...



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    Check here. I am looking at buying a sea doo and adding warranty and just called this guy last week. This is Bombardier sponsored warranty, same as you'd get at any other dealer. He was really nice and answered all my questions, I'd recommend giving him a call. Cheapest thing I've found.

    For single engine, 48 mos(total) is 999 (MSRP 1499)
    Double engine, 1599. (MSRP 2299)

    Hope this helps, and I'm new here so somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Call Travis at Performance East Inc. , he will sell you a factory warranty and save you money. Warranty is factory BRP and good with any dealer.

    Tell him about this site.

    Travis at 919-731-4288

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    save your money

    I'd just put the money you're going to spend on an extended warranty in a money market account and take your chances. Extended warranties are huge money makers for the companies selling them, and in the long run over multiple boat and other purchases, you'll likely come out ahead not spending the money.

    Some like the insurance and piece of mind, I know. This is just my opinion on the subject.

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