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    New ski performace RPM and Green Wheel

    When I first got the RXT it seemed RPMs were limited to around 7800.

    After around 4 hours it would hit around 7900 to 7950. It pretty much stayed there until I hit 20 hours.
    Suddenly the RPMs hit 8140.

    Speeds Under 10 I hit around 63
    Installed the green wheel and speed increase to 66.
    At 11 hours it hit 67.8
    Today was bizarre;
    Now over 20 hours, I was coming out of a no wake zone and WOT. The ski shot out of the water, came down and did it again. The two other skis with me looked at me funny. I was like holy
    Just to make sure I did it again. Sure enough.
    Today I hit 68.7 on GPS, not one but twice.

    So my question is does the ECU control/limit the RPMs accordingly?

    I have been hitting the lakes with another RXT and today was the first day that I noticed my RXT was actually pulling away.

    The only mods are the Green Wheel, Ceramic bearings and catch can.
    Is the green wheel that good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruinsrme View Post
    The only mods are the Green Wheel, Ceramic bearings and catch can.
    Is the green wheel that good?
    That's great...I'm only hitting a solid 68 with a S3 wheel and other mods. Hopefully the ski is show improved performance after being completely broken in. Sounds like you've got a good and fast ski.

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    Well, some have experienced a sort of time delay in operating RPM. Rumor is that it was designed like this to avoid WOT/MAX rpm`s before proper breakin. When I ran an RXT ecu the rpms progressively went up as the hours went by...PR...

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