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    R&D or RIVA intake Grate better /

    Hello Guys I just wonder which it better the R&D Intake Grate For RXP
    or the RIVA one ?

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    The R&D is better for hookup in the chop, and the Riva is best for top end. Apparently the Riva is 1 or 2 mph faster. I have both, but haven't tested them back to back. As soon as I get my sheeot back together I can test them. But the second hand information is pretty consistent.

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    Thanks for the info

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    How do they compare with the stock grate? I assume both are faster in chop, but the R&D is better than the Riva? Is the R&D still faster in top speed than the stock grate?

    I like how the R&D offers the option of the girdle. That's something everybody should offer.

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    i found my R&D grate would pull away and leave a riva grate ski in heavy chop
    but i lossed a good 1mph on the flat compared to my riva

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    I run a riva grate im very pleased with it so far , it provides pretty good hookup and doesnt hinder top speed one bit its the best choice atleast for me.

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    I'm thinking about picking up an R&D grate for shits and giggles. I believe what everyone is saying about it versus the Riva, but I would kinda like to see it with my own eyes (performance in chop that is) and how much I lose on top end. All skis are different and it may affect some more than others. Same goes for their aftermarket steering nozzle. I know that extended nozzles are supposed to slow you down, but RXP Steve said he didn't lose any top end with it and loved the extra handling it provided with Jerry's skegs. I think the Riva sponsons, R&D grate, skegs, and R&D extended steering nozzle would make for a damn good rough water setup. It's fun messing with the Baja guys on the lake, but a smooth water setup doesn't cut it since their only out in the middle of the day when the lake is shredded.

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