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    SLXH 98 no spark, about to give up...

    I'm new to using forums so I may just need some help getting pointed in the right direction. I did fine some great info on the this site under the polaris tech tips I followed the troubleshooting section in this thread and heres what I came up with....

    I started checking the electrical connections in the box per the test instructions ph2ocraft. I am seeing about 5.5Kohms between black and yellow/black on the circuit board with tether installed. The test indicates there should be no continuity. I pulled the blk and yellow/blk wire running to the stop button with no change in reading. (switch checks good). Given this result above, whats the veridict or next place to look....

    Also, in testing the stator (which I believe test good) per this site, resistance readings as follows:
    blk stator wire to purple wire....5.6 Ohms is this ok,given the insructions on this site look for a result of (1200 ohms new system....5.5ohms). Not exactly sure what is meant by the instructions

    Thanks for the help,.

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    Can you give us some background about your problem (how, when it started, does it start at all? hot or cold?)

    Check your battery voltage with a volt meter while cranking. The CDI wont fire if the voltage falls below 10.5 volts.

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    Heres some of the background on the no spark slxh 98

    I have checked the battery voltage while cranking and its over the threshold you indicated. I just put in a new updated pvl kit and all was fine with the spark. The ski ran until it blew the number two piston. So the engine was pulled and the number two piston was replaced and carbs rebuilts. When it was put back in the ski, there was no spark. Given the update kit had about an hour on it I can't imagine it has gone bad. I've checked and triple checked all the connections and made sure the grounds are all good on the board and am 100% sure everything is connected properly

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    If you have the updated ign kit, your stator will have 5.5ohms (mine had 6ohms) from black to purple. You should have ~100ohms for your charging coil yellow to red/purple i think. And infinite from black to grey. You'll also need to do the 9v battery test. I had to use an analog meter for that test.

    Send me a pm if you need help with the test, I just did it on mine.

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    Thanks,,,I got through the stator check and all seemed Ok...I was getting the correct Ohms readings...Dah, light bulb just went on, based on your comments I now know what it meant by new system. new system was a reference was to the updated pvl kit. Based on this Stator checks good,,,even the 9volt battery test.

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