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    Arrow Help finding "old" posts

    I've noticed that sometimes people are having trouble finding older posts, so here is a tip that may help.
    Under everyones "Profile" there is a setting that sets your "Thread Display Options". One of these options is your "Default Thread Age Cutoff". It will only display threads that have been responded to within the timeframe of that option, meaning, if you have that set to 1 day, and nobody has responded for 2 days, the thread won't show. To change this you need to do the following:

    1) Go to your "Profile"

    2) Click on "Edit Options"

    3) Scroll down until you see "Thread Display Options"

    4) Look for "Default Thread Age Cutoff"

    5) Select the choice you want (I've chosen "Show All Threads")

    6) Scroll to bottom and click "Save Changes"

    Now go back and you will see many threads that haven't been active for a while, but are still there. This is paticularly helpfull for the tech sections that aren't added to that often.


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    Hopefully the default is to show all threads.

    If you use the google toolbar you can get the toolbar addon here:

    After you do that you can type a search term into the google toolbar then click the green hulk icon.

    Clicking the drop down next to the green hulk icon will show the latest threads and posts.

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