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    Used Oil Analysis 2006 Sportster 155 HP NA

    For anyone who has not already changed their oil for the winter, I would suggest a better oil which combats fuel dilution. Check out Renewable Lubricants Inc Biosyn 5W40 HD. This will definitely work well for the naturally aspirated(NA) engines, I am not sure about the SC or SCIC engines. I had my analysis done by Dyson Analysis. Only 15 hours on the oil and about 50 hours on the engine. I used Bombardier 5w40 Synthetic and it thinned to a 20 weight oil in 15 hours, I don't even run it very hard, occasional WOT for skiing and to see how it's running, but mostly pulling kids on the tube. Note the low flashpoint (should be 400) an high fuel %(should be less than 0.5).

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