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Thread: Ted Nugent

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    Ted Nugent

    His feelings toward gun control and the 2nd amendment
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    cant agree with him more, gotta love ted

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    I feel the same way!

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    i seen george throg open up for ted then ted opened up for ZZ top , they rocked the house ,

    but i couldnt agree more with him , i just wished he said wango tango when he did his finger gun or wang dang sweet poon tang ,

    2nd amendment rocks , best one we have protects all of em ,

    people that are "gangsters " dont need guns but people that enjoy to shoot and use them for self defense correctly are the only ones that need to have guns and carry guns ,

    but then again we never know when somebody is gonna snap

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    Uncle Ted

    Ted no longer resides in Michigan,he has been a "neighbor" for a few years now here in Waco.He actually has a weekly column in our local newspaper that has caused a stir more than once,he definitely pulls no punches.

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