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    About to buy ultra 150

    I am about to purchase a 99 ultra 150. I am new to pwc. Is there anything I should need to know? Is this a good all around ski? I am looking for something fast and fun.

    What are the best low budget mods for these ski's?
    Are there any other good sites for the ultra 150?

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    Check the compression, and check the oil lines for cracks. Take a good look at the jet pump and look for impeller wear.

    I am sure others will chime in with more.

    Do a search for Ultra 150 mods, you will find some good reading.


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    You may also want to check the compression just to give an idea on the topend. If you are looking for a fun ski the ultra fits the bill, even stock they are very quick. For mods put a shreadmaster plate and some sponsons on it even if you do nothing else. Several of us have threads going on the ultra in the general discussion area. I will post up some more of the mods done to mine this year as I get time. Here is mine

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