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    Project250 Boat on display in GH tent at WF.

    We just finished packing the trailer so it can role out the the World Finals.

    The Project boat will be on display there in the GreenHulk Performance tent on Performance Alley at the World Finals 07.

    I encourage all members that are able to go to please stop by the GH Perf. tent to say high or just hang out. Its there that you can get your GH stickers to slap on your ski.

    Its a great opportunity to put some faces with the names on here.

    Hope to see alot of ya there....

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    GH stickers

    Even though I won't be able to make the World Finals, I'd like
    to get some of those GH stickers. It would be a good way to
    find fellow GHulkers out there on the water.
    Any pix and are they on the GH store?
    Good luck out in AZ in the races! Wear a nose plug for those

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    Yeah!!! How bout some them stickers?

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    This sticker came with my Riva ride plate.
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    You must be special!....because I damn sure didn't get one

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    Ill talk with Jerry and see if I can snatch a few. Might go down to Exotic and snatch some up. Just for us.....

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    I wish i could come but i cant, due to distance.
    I will be watching it to the sports channel though.
    I can only wish you the best of luck and i hope you get the results you want.
    Ride fast - stay young!

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    I send out free decals with all orders. If you didn't get one Riva must have forgotten to put one in the box or we were out of them at that time. Very sorry!

    If anyone would like a decal please PM me your mailing address and i'll put one in the mail to you.


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    see you there Skip. It will be nice to meet some of the folks that frequent here. I think you are racing too; good luck in your events! jb

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    I got to watch Skips ski run at the WF. Let me tell you what. This ski sounds and runs like a raped ape. By the end of the weekend, when all the high-dollar skis broke, Skip got requested to bring this bad boy in the Pro-1200 big-boy races against skis 4x the money. It ran mid-pack, with a rider that had never been on it before. Still it finished mid-pack, and was not even setup for this class!!

    I was impressed!!

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