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    Talking Looking to RIDE a stand-up in GA...

    I live in Atlanta, GA and I am looking to buy either an 800-SXR or the new '08 SuperJet. I just want to RIDE, however, one of these just for like an hour or so and test it out... but all my stand-up-riding buddies are in either OH or FL. DOES ANYBODY HAVE A STAND-UP (800 SXR or SUPERJET?) THAT THEY WOULD LET ME RIDE (rent?) JUST FOR LIKE AN HOUR on a Sunday or something? Anybody in GA? Just wanna ride a stand-up for like an hour? I'll pay ya. I have a GPR--we can go riding together for a couple hours. Thanks...

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    I know there are a lot of riders on from that area of Atlanta. I think a lot ride lake lainer. Go on, that is where all the stand up riders hang out.

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    Thanks Eric-- really appreciate it. I'll check it out!

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    Sure, just PM me. I ride Allatoona all the time. My SX-R has a Wet Pipe though so it's won't exactly feel the same as a stock one powerwise... but handling is all stock.

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