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    Question about winterizing without the carbs on GP1200R

    I'm going to have my carbs rebuilt now that the ski is out of the water for the winter. Is there anything special that I have to do in regards to winterizing since the carbs won't be on? I've done stabil, filled the gas and oil tanks and lubricated the important parts of the ski.


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    I can't really think of anything. Maybe tape over the carb openings with duct tape or something similar - it wouldn't hurt.

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    Pour a little oil (few tablespoons) down each spark plug and rotate the engine over by hand. That's about all Yamaha recommends for these engines...

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    Is the ski garaged? Like Brian said,just drop some of your 2 stroke oil through the plug opening and also spray some fogging oil(about 10 seconds) into each hole also.Put plugs back in.
    I would tape a plastic bag over the intake side after cleaning that area good.Put the seat back on and play the winter waiting game.

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    disconnect , battery .

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