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    96 gtx won't start

    I have a 96 gtx with a 787,was running good used it one weekend then it sat for about two weeks. Went to start it last weekend and nothing,flashes 12 volt low but battery is charged,checked all fuses all conections. also have a 96 gsx switched the cdi box nothing,and the starter relay still nothing. Can jumper the starter relay will turn over but won't start.Any suggestion ?

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    Make sure battery 13V above or jump start from car battery,tk out the plug to crank.Check the spark from plug or cut back 1/4" then Zip tie the cap.Check the Earth connection.Pour some oil to carb.

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    Check your battery ground to engine, at the engine. It's been known to corrode under the heat shrink tubing at the crimp connection.

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    rookie mistake

    I Put another starter relay from another ski in this one, got it all put back together, still nothing. took it apart again today and I hadn't put the plug back in the bottom of the relay. Put it in and hit the button it started right up. Tanks for the help

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