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    Need some job help in San Antonio, TX!

    Well as some of you already know, I moved my family from Midland,TX back home to San Antonio to accept a new job in June. The job came with a substantial raise and my family bought a new house with the salary in mind. I graduated from law school in May of 04 and have been practicing oil and gas law ever since. I had been working with my current employer, a solo attorney that has a ton of work to handle, for 4 months and thought everything was going great. On Tuesday (10/2) my boss told me he was going to have to let me go... he didn't give much reason as to why but if you factor in the fact that he just hired a young female attorney that graduated in May for $20k less than I was being paid, there isn't much explaining needed! So now I have a wife that works nights for UPS so we can save on childcare ($650 a month at the cheap place! ), a 2 year old son, a fat mortgage payment and NO JOB!!

    I know that some of you great people on this site are already doing what you can to help me out (Thanks again enforcer, fullboogie, RX951 and Franko!) but if there is anyone else on here that knows of any job leads in San Antonio (preferably law related) I would REALLY appreciate it!

    Its only been two days since I've lost my job but I am already freaking out!

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    Clint, it's all going to work out bro. Just make looking for a job your full time job for now, and something is going to drop in your lap quick. Don't overlook contract positions either - sometimes Chevron, Shell, etc. will crank up a big project and hire contract attorneys for months on end. Also contact St. Mary's law school and talk to the career center. Lots of firms will post jobs with the local law school. If none of that works, hey, you can always get your old job back at the gay bar!

    I'll keep beating the bushes on my end to see if I can find anything. Come to think of it, Billy went out of his way to help me when I lost my job earlier this year - he's a good guy.

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    Check out this site. I hope this helps.

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    Clint suit up, show up, start knocking on some doors. The job you want is there you just need to market yourself. I know you will find it. Keep the faith, wear a smile and know that we are all pulling for you.

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    Good Luck bro, hang in there! I can't imagine the feeling. And I'm thankful for my job security. Keep us updated !

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    Check with some of the exploration companies and the companies they buy from. I know they are all busy as hell. Nabors, ODS, and National Oilwell-Varco just to name a few are companies that my company is selling to right now and they all have more rigs and systems sold than they can deliver. It is a GREAT time to be any oilfield related businesses right now. Good luck dude.

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