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    prop for cooler temps?

    Need some input from you pro's on my impeller change for the cooler temps. If a change is even needed?
    Right now I'am turning 8,180-8,200 in the heat on slick water.
    No GPS numbers. I assume once the cooler water and air temps come I may be hitting the rev. limiter all the time at WOT.

    2006 RXP with Riva stage one "Solas concord 14/19R "
    I assume I have the solas 14/19R unless riva has changed the stage 1 prop they put in ther kit in the last 2 years " mine is about 2 years old "

    riva stage 1
    Rotax Racing SC impeller
    Riva sponsons
    riva pro block offs
    filled ride plate holes
    no wedge
    vented front hood and storage bucket.
    Resonator removed
    small tweaks
    RR washers

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    Most of us just run the Riva adjustable venturi nozzle. When temps get cooler just pop in a smaller ring to bring the RPM's down. The smallest ring that comes with the Riva is 81 mm. If you need smaller than that Skat Trak can sell you custom sizes.

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    Hey NCRXP, add the wedge, it will give you a .5-1 mph gain. I was stubborn and did'nt run it for the longest time, but now I won't run without it!

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    i just took a wedge off a stock 2007 RXP that i know wasnt benefitting from it and im gonna try it on my 2007 RXP BUMBLE BEE Stage 3+ Rude Dude Daddy and see whats it got for that thing!

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    Thanks guys , I ran the wedge once and did not like it.
    But I didnt have the ect. rod so I guess it was not a true test.
    How many RPM's does the cooler temps bring ?

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