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    VaRedneck's new rear air intake

    Finished assembly...still needs the spit and polish...wasn't gonna worry about all that till I was sure it was gonna work...I think it does.

    Earlier this year I was working on a rear air system for my '05 RXT. I wanted to keep the rear seat, so I did a little re-working on the seat's frame to allow air inside with the seat still in place. Originally I had planned on using the spark plug holder area as a 4" inlet going through some 4" drain tile(Lowes Air). That meant having a terrible upside down ? shape into the SC. Added together with a restrictive opening where the spark plug holder was and the results....77-7800+ rpms....max.

    Back to the drawing board.

    I still liked being able to use the rear seat...maybe having more air into the seat was the answer? I had also wanted to be able to keep my anchor under the seat as well...Fck-it I'll put the anchor in the front and figure out how to get a bigger air duct in through the bin to the SC.

    I had seen others do something like this with a filter type set-up with holes in the seat seat...or...under the seat...breathing heated air surrounding the engine.

    Another problem...flo-rite material....I need to use this(maybe)...I had to use something...couldn't breath outside air without some sort of filter...too not something water resistant. Instead of a filter and pre-filter...just a pre-filter.

    Next....The riva rear air kit for the RXP has a pre-filter area of approximately 13"sq. Which comes out to being about the area of a 4" circle. I wanted to do better. A 5" circle has the area of apprx 19.5"sq...which means the SC should be able to breath easier through this size flo-rite than one measuring about 30% smaller. No? So...I clamped some flo-rite material around the end of a 2' length of 5" aluminum tube connected to a 5"x4" 90* bend(altered slightly) I inserted a 1.5" length of 4" tubing into one end of the 90* so I then could connect a 4"x3" silicone 45*(altered slightly)onto the SC.

    This morning conditions were as follows.

    L, 77
    E, 77
    calm w/ occasional bass-hole wake.
    straight to 8100and one freak spike at 8350...that's right...8350! I dunno if that's good or not though.

    later in the day
    one bar of fuel
    L, 77
    E, 89
    straight to 8100 an a spike at 8300.

    This intake doesn't seem to have a problem breathing. Someday I'll use some Fiberglass window screen material instead of the flo-rite stuff and see how she does.

    Anybody think I'm ready to step up to either the intercooler, sc, or prop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaRedneck View Post

    Anybody think I'm ready to step up the either the intercooler, sc, or prop?

    Look who you're asking
    Of course we're going to say to do all 3!

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    Thanks man.

    What do you figure re my r's with this intake and my other question re a rev limiter?

    By the way...the sound having a window seat on a 737. You can easily hear the SC.
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    if you have adjustable nozzle/rings i would say mess with those to get a better idea of where your ski stands. if the spike is very brief then i wouldn't worry about it. i think you'd need a new prop to get rid of any hiccups though, you just added some decent power.

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    Thanks again.

    ...looks like I got to work on my...(how did Will Ferrel say it)...."strategery"....gotta get some fundage past the mrs.

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    Tried something a little different tonight before it got too dark.

    I changed out my "pre-filter". Instead of the flo-rite material I used a 5" dia SS strainer...yep a veggie strainer. It was made from SS screen, already dome shaped...I cut it free from it's frame and clamped it around my 5" intake...lookes a lot better than just the flo-rite. It'll keep my june bug out I'm sure...and it breathes easier...I think.

    L 72
    E 69

    Straight to 8100...then steady at 8150...on glass. With a little chop it read a consistant 8100. I couldn't get her past 8150 except for the rare flicker at 8350.

    Is it the easier breathing bug screen I used or the lower air temp....or both, that's getting me to 8150?

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