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    1991 WR III gas leak?/part ?

    Hello everyone-
    1st time poster here....
    I have inherited 2 skis--tring to give them some much needed TLC with the help of my brother and husband.

    I am not mechanically inclined, but am trying to narrow down the culprit of the smell of gas they are (strongly) emitting in my garage until I can take them in to a mechanic (if needed-- hoping to avoid right now)

    While poking around the oldest one in question, I see this part number 22 (image below) that goes to the fuel line (not sure where else) has some liquid with some color in it (appears to be part water, part fuel) in the left tube. A little fuller in the right tube with dark liquid. Is that normal? Should it be full or empty? From reading many other posts, it seems they might be for battery and fuel run-over, but I'm not certain...

    As far as the gas smell, there is no visible/obvious leak. I've got ziplocks around the carbs for tonight to see if anything shows up. I'm pretty worried about the smell....

    TIA for any help!

    ETA: after checking in the morning light, there is liquid in both tubes.
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    Hello again-
    Well, I actually think it was the gas cans themselves putting off the stench....that makes me wonder too, but anyhow...

    I still wonder about that part if anyone has any idea.
    TIA for helping a girl out!


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    Welcome Julie to the GH forums.

    Actually, all cars, boats, skis, motorcycles, or any other gas powered engine does give off some fumes.

    In the case of your skis, they are probably venting with the climate change. In AZ we see a swing of 30deg on any given day. That gas in the tank will breath as it expands and contracts.

    The same goes for your gas cans if they have vents.

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    Thanks Mark, for the welcome!
    Since moving the gas cans to the shed, the garage is almost back to normal. The fumes were pretty intense....headache inducing! Now the fumes seem more normal.

    Thanks again.....I've learned a ton already from the board.


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