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    1st post to say hi & 1 Q : R12X Service manual Down Load ??


    Anzo here from sunny South Africa,just wanted to say hi to all you guys.

    Does anybody know where I can get the service manual(not owners manual) on the net as a download ?

    ON : ,I can only see the part number pdf,even though it says service manual.Have you successfully loaded the manual as yet ?....did anybody?.As here in SA the manual cannot be bought.
    Also email wont work-file size to big.

    So can anybody who has loaded the manual,please tell me which site.
    Thanks again.


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    I've found this link to be super helpful, the search feature on this board works great too.

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    Cancel that, dead link ... guess I'll be looking for something more helpful too.

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    Welcome to the HULK!!! This is the best place I have found for Info on these as we do have several members that are great for info.

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    ebay has service cd's for 10 bux.

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