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Thread: SBN vs. BN???

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    SBN vs. BN???

    What is the difference?? I am putting a 44 on an old stand up I'm building and I don't know much about these carbs. How much better is teh SBN? I know how to tell which is what but I'm not sure what they improved.

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    you do know you are in a polaris forum here correct??

    no worries though, i should be able to help....

    the older skis ( i am guessing you have an old kawi 440 or 550) came witht eh round body BN mikunis, until the early 90's when kawi switched to the kehin carbs. the SBN is a new carb, and is MUCH easier to set up, tune, maintain, ect. the bigest difference is the replaceable pilot, and main jets. the older BN carbs, had a fixed main jet, and the only way you could make it larger was to drill it bigger. if you went to big, you are screwed. not to mention the poor fuel pumps...

    to put a SBN carb on a 440 or 550, you must have either an aftermarket intake manifold, or intake spacers. the SBN fuel pump, will hit on the block, and needs to be spaced away from the motor.

    hope this helps some.


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