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    need buying advice

    I previously owned a 99 seadoo xp limited(sold three years ago). and now I can't wait to get back on the water in something new. I have done my research and Really like the kawasaki ultra 250 . Looking to get a 2007 model(love the blue) new if possible.
    My questions are
    ..which dealer do you guys and gals recommend anywhere near the houston,tx area..when is the best time to purchase new and get a good deal...I would like to make my purchase in dec or jan this winter, do you think they'll have a 2007 then?...also what price should I expect for 2007 ski and trailer...wonder if there will there be better promotions in the spring and summer of next year?any insurance company recommended ......I know its a lot of questions and thanks a lot for ur time. I've just been out of this for three years and want to get back and want to do it right(not get ripped off).look fwd to riding in the houston area with some of you next summer
    thx again

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    Mike, There is a wealth of information here on this board. You mentioned that you have done your homework on the 250X. They are impressive but come with there share of problems as many have found out in their first year (2007). I have seen them in Fl selling for just under $10K new, figure another $500 for a basic trailer, then add T T & T, freight and all the other B.S fees the dealers like to slide into the deal. You can usually negotiate but they may not take away those fees but instead work with you on lowering the unit price to compensate. I would imagine TX would be very similar. I feel that now is you best time to buy being Ski's are out of peak season where sales are much softer than duing the spring, Most dealers with limited space do not want a ski sitting on their showroom floor for 6 months and may be more willing to discount and move it now rather then take a chance on letting it sit.

    I reccomend you call 4 or 5 of the closest dealers and get an "out the door" price from each that have one. Make some counter offers and see who bites. Before doing this, check ebay and internet speacials from a tri- state area and see what deals are beng offered. Use this info as a buying stategy. The sales manager who needs a sale and the space may work the numbers to your liking? Good luck! Let us know when you find something.

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    houston, tx
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    The Woodlands, TX

    Red face damm

    now u got me looking hard at getting an rxp...after all i did own a sea doo before .....and it was always a great ski.

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