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    Question about reed valves

    I am an automotive tech. and I ride a YFZ450 quad so my 2 stroke knowledge is limited.

    I have identical pair of 96 waveraider 1100s. Ever since I got them one has been way faster than the other. The slow one seems to idle a bit more rough than the fast one and the middle plug always looks cleaner than the outside two. Compression is all good. I have put new plugs in. Spark seems ok. So it seems that it must be a fuel delivery problem. I pulled the carbs and intake to inspect it to see if anything was obviously wrong.
    On the middle reed cage I have two reeds than are not fully seated. Will this cause a problem? or will the downward stroke of that cylinder seat the reed? Its not a big gap, probably .030-.050 of an inch. Just curious if this might be my problem.

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    you are right that the downstroke will force them closed. A small gap is ok. no gap is better. if you want to cheat, you can flip the petals over.

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