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    Question Ultra 250x model 08 vs 07

    Anybody notice on Kawasaki site that the exhaust has been moved to Starbord side or 08?.as opposed to port side on the 07 ..why??.....
    PS Lime Green kicks Ass on the 08 Ultra

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    I have heard there is only one Water box on the 08 250x Ultra.,,and thats why the outlet is is on the opposite side from the 07 model.

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    Kawi wanted to make the rear of the 250 look more like it's little brother the 150 !


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    no more 1200 all will be 1500cc and all have only 1 muffler now

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    I hear you on the oil change thing, I changed mine after 25 hours and it looked like Black Coffee, was about as thick (thin to be exact ) as coffee too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapper455 View Post
    no more 1200 all will be 1500cc and all have only 1 muffler now
    Snapper you crack me up.... crying over spilled milk. 399.00 dollar washers?

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    Paging Jeff Dicowski to the team sport trailer!!! Hey when the little drive gear gets ground down from the steel washers 399.00!

    The blockoffs are used on the 1500 motors now skip because the oil recovery system is totaly different now. Just food for thought.

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