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    Larger Super Charger

    Hi Guys, which Super Charger do you feel is more reliable: Les Cooke B Kit, Rude or Riva Pro Series (stage 3)?
    I note the rude comes complete with metal washers & 06 spec shaft kit.
    Has anyone had reliability issues with any of the above Super Chargers? I currently run a green wheel with no problems. Ocean riding so not alot of flat water!

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    i have been reaserching it b and rude give more boost and power about 13 psi riva is about the same as your green wheel...10 just slightly more volume... rude is in the us les cookies b kit is out of austrailia tude has a cast wheel and rude billit anodised ...other than that they are about the same i am saving for my rude ...almost

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    There have been some reports (very few) of B Kit touchdowns due to the billet alum. flexing...the Rude and its stronger cast construction have not had many (none reported here) similar issues...the Rude appears to have an edge here on Greenhulk for reliability, which is very important, performance wise they are nearly identical.

    I wonder if the light weight of the B Kit wheel would be a plus for the S/C bearings and assmebly if one were to add a Blow Off Valve (which itself is generally not popular here) to reduce the risk of touchdown...? Then again, mabye a BOV would not reduce that risk at all...this is beyond me and will defer to some more knowledgable and experienced people.

    The Riva S3 is not even in the same category...a great wheel...but not even close to either of these wheels in performance (or price)...I have it now and am looking to upgrade.

    I am planning on buying a Rude Supercharger pretty soon...maybe that somes up my opinion better than the above paragrahps...!
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    I have a rude w/ steel bearings and almost 60 hours, no issues at all

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    i have a RUDE that HAD steel bearings but after BOB1988 S3 had a touchdown with METAL bearings even though i cant say 100% that was it i tore my Rude apart and put in ceramic bearings! its ready to go back in now!

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