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    93 sl 750

    looking to buy a 93 sl 750 are they any good? does anyone know of any problems these might of had? are these engines any good?

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    Arrow Introduction to the purchase of a Polaris PWC, early '90s models

    Quote Originally Posted by buck0123 View Post
    looking to buy a 93 sl 750 are they any good? does anyone know of any problems these might of had? are these engines any good?
    I have attached a Word doc that began from another PWC owner's postings elsewhere. I have added some of my own material, but I do not recall who wrote it originally.

    Review the PWC you are thinking of buying with a critical eye. A ski can appear good, but still have real problems. Knowing what to look for, and asking lots of questions regarding the previous care (or lack of it) can help you avoid most of the pitfalls.

    Inquire about how the machine was stored. Was the engine fogged before winter storage?
    Has it recently been serviced at a professional shop? What was done? Has it ever been submered, or partially filled with water?

    Have the carburetors been serviced recently? Have they been properly adjusted?
    These 2-stroke engines require the carbs to be in good, internally clean condition, and properly adjusted. If the carbs are not working properly, the engine (even a newly rebuilt motor) can be damaged by lean burning piston damage in fairly short order.

    There is always the chance some problem will show up after you have bought it. Be prepared for that possibility, and have some money available to deal with that potential.

    Polaris used only Fuji engines (painted blue) from '92 up to '95, then a mix of Fuji and US domestic (painted red) engines from 1996 onwards. Last Fuji engined boat was the year 2000 Pro 785.

    These Fuji engines are considered to be very reliable overall. Some well known issues can be easily handled with proper maintenance. Things like replacing the original fuel lines and fuel pump (inexpensive), keeping the carburetors cleaned and properly tuned.

    The jet pump used in all '92 and '93 Polaris boats was a 146mm type (the impeller diameter). After '93, all Polaris pumps are the 148m impeller type, and the parts are not interchangeable between the two types.

    This means that if you need to replace any parts on that '93 jet pump, you will either have to track down an original part from those two model years, or swap the entire jet pump for a newer model (which can be done).

    So look the entire SL750 over very carefully, and pay attention to the condition of the impeller and stator in the jet pump.

    When buying any PWC, you need to thoroughly evaluate it. It may well need some maintenance and updates, but if you have some mechanical aptitude, and are willing to learn, then these machines are well built, fairly straightforward to work on, and the folks here are always willing to assist.

    Beyond the condition of the particular SL750 you are considering, there are a number of performance and handling upgrades possible for the SL750s. Some owners have upgraded the jet pumps, added sponsons to the sides of the hull to improve handling, and modified the motor to produce more power.

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    Wow K447, excellent reply! BTW my Fuji engined SLT has been a great running motor w/ over 200hrs.....

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

    In general Polaris skis are reliable. However, like any make, they require some maintance to keep them in good running order.

    Do a search for "fuel pump upgrade" and check out the tech section for a lot of usefull info.


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    I have 275 hours on my fuji 780.

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