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Thread: 2006 RXT ?'s

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    2006 RXT ?'s

    I am going to look at a 2006 RXT tomorrow with 36 hrs on it. The seller says it looks and runs mint. But he does not have time to let me test ride so i am wondering what i should look for? He will start and run on trailer he said. I have been reading up on the supercharger for this ski and it seems that they do go, would i know if the supercharger was bad from listening to it run on the trailer? is there something i can check? He seems ok and honest but no test ride makes me nervous about buying a machine and then having to have seadoo replace a supercharger. Is there anything else on this machine i should be looking at? I ride Yamaha so i do know the basics but nothing on the seadoo superchargers.

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    Is the ski under warranty?

    When I was looking at used skis 7 of the 8 people I talked with said no to the test ride. The other person said yes as he had 4 people lined up for a test ride, which I thought was pretty cool.

    If the ski isn't under warranty and the washers have not been changed out and no test ride its a tough call.
    If under warranty ask for the paper work. A couple of sellers I dealt with said yes it is under warranty by the dealer not Seadoo.

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    if he says the washers were changed out is there a way i can tell by looking ? No warranty, i have already asked that question

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