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    Throttle Problem

    2006 Sportster [155hp]..When throttling back slow the throttle sticks at 4000rpm. If I throttle back fast it will return back to idle speed, 1800rpm. This only happens while running. It returns to idle position every time while off.

    When it sticks I can reach into the engine copartment and manually return the throttle back to idle. At first I thought it was a cable issue but after lubing the cable and making sure there are no binding in the routing of the cable I have ruled this out.

    Looking at the throtle body there are two elect. connectors.[idle bypass valve and TPS senser] I disconnected the idle bypass valve with no effect. I can not get to the TPS easly so I have not tried to disconnect it until I get some advice as to what the problem might be.

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    2006 Sportster Air Box Screen Recall

    My air box had two pieces broken out [on the seat side] about one inch in diameter. Some of the plastic was in the throttle body causing the butterfly not to close to idle position some times.

    Dealer replaced air box install screen and cleaned out throttle body. Runs great.

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    Thanks for posting an update. Sorry no one was able to address your problem here, but glad your dealer was able to fix; sounded dangerous! Also lucky those pieces didn't get ingested into the engine.

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    Sure that could have been dangerous...imagin you are at WOT, then you suddenly have to throttle down in an emergency, and throttle stays WOT....BAMMM...!!! All that for a crappy airbox piece stuck there...lucky you were not involved in any accident with that...!!!

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    2nd thread i've heard of this....You should file a complaint with USCG....they will isuue a recall if its safety related .

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    There is allready a recal for this problem. Your dealer will put a screen inside the intake hose to stop any pieces of plastic.

    I think a new airbox would be the correct thning to do.

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    I had my throttle cable stuck on my 07 150 speedster with the throttle body WOT,THANK GOD we were in open water when this happen.Throttle cable would not move even tried pulling it with a vice grip and still would not move.It's been replace and all is good for now.

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