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    Good nite dudes!

    allright all you bone smugglers and bone weasels, have a good nite, gotta go! hahahahaha...PR...

    C`mon, wheres the humor?

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    Jeez Steve, you could atleast tuck me in with that rainbow beach towel you left at my house! ...PR...

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    You keep saying good night...but you cant break away huh??

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    i wish i could go to sleep right now

    i got so much work due tomorrow for a marketing class... but can't get myself off the forum to do the assignments!

    still need to do:
    detailed outline
    7 page paper

    anyone wanna help!?!? gotta do a sports marketing paper on the NHL after the lockout...

    "NHL: Life after the Lock-out" .... need to go into detail about the NHL's marketing strategies after the lock-out about the product and promotion

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    Quote Originally Posted by RustySeaRustyDoo
    You keep saying good night...but you cant break away huh??
    That`s what the misses is for, yelling at me to go to sleep...LOL...PR...

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