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    Slant Dection Switch

    A few weeks ago I was out riding and after some aggressive jumps and turns, the check engine light came on. I took it back to shore and saw the code was 47. It was the last weekend of the season for me so we called the dealer and he said to run it for a little while and see if the code cleared. We did and it remained on. When we took it in to get it winterized, we decided to wait til the spring to get it fixed by the dealer hoping that there may be a simpler solution.

    Any ideas on what could've caused the problem? This is a stock ski (with the exception of a Riva intake grate). It's an 03 that we just got this summer with 26 hours on it and it now has about 45 hours.

    I did some searching and saw that a lot of guys had problems with the slant dection switch that led to the engine cutting out but I haven't had any such problems.

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    Welcome to the forum !

    It could just be a bad switch. I have a couple laying around if you need.

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    Thank You, I have been lurking for a little while now, but now I need help so I had to post.

    I was sort of thinking that maybe the switch had just gone bad. How easy are they to replace? I am coming home from school next weekend and I might have time to head up to the lake and try and figure it out.
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