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Thread: Flipping it!

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    Flipping it!

    HEy i got som contradicting advice between the dealer and the seadoo manuel. Ski is an rxt. The dealer sed if u do manage to flip it it needs to be taken out of the water straight away.I understand the problems if u get water into the motor, thats not my problem. The manuel says it can be upside down for up to 5 mins before it needs to be taken out. IN other words the manuel says start it back up if it is flipped for under 5 mins. Anyone agree/disagree? Just wandering because if i do flip it i dnt wana be in the water pulling the seat off b4 i start it to check if it has water in it.
    oh and i would never try and test the 5 minute idea.It would b back over as quick as possible.Where exactly does the water get into the engine.Because if its off when flipped it wouldnt b completely submerged and getting water draining into it in s short amount of time. And if u do flip it or at any other time and it has some water in the hull how much is too much to warrant not starting it straight away?
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    the 5 minutes is not something you can put a stopwatch on, it's only a guideline. anything that I've ever been around that stayed upside down for more than a couple of minutes had water in it. if it has any water under the seat, I would recommend removing the spark plugs before spinning the engine over to prevent bending a connecting rod if there happened to be any water in the engine. refer to the manual for using the drown mode to prevent it from firing the ignition when doing this.

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    my brother and i probably flip ours over at least once everytime we go out. jumpin waves and tryin goofy tricks that were not too good at yet (or too old for)etc...anyway,we flip em over get back on and keep ridin.been doin this for the last couple summers and no problems.other then back aches in the morning...weez ol folks !

    Actually i think its best to ride them right away too get any water/moisture out of the engine compartment and motor.
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    My girlfriend and I have flipped ours around goofing off lots of times. If you just flip it back up right away it's no big deal. Just give it a quick second so the oil can settle in the pan and fire it up. No problems.

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    Fine if u don't have rear-air intake Before I did that I have been know to purposely flip mine to clear the grate (The alligators are not scared of us here) and it's easy to do....try standing on 1 sponson while pulling the other, same to flip it up-right If u do not have a stock air-box I wound never do this, so if u hydro-lock it don't cry. I think the more than 5 min deal also has to do w/ oil getting past the rings into the cyls when upside down(hot oil is like wd-40, gets past those rings) and u could hydro-lock that way as well.

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    today i was on my friends on the back and he was driving and when he pulled it off the hydroport he waited to long to get on and jumped on last minute and flipped it.

    took me a minute or less to figure out how was easiest to flip it back so it wasnt flipped for to long.

    for a minute it ran fine but after driving it it started to cavitate badly.

    any ideas? as of now he is in deep shit so please any info is GREATLY accepted

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    BUMP!!! please help

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