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Thread: bran new motor

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    bran new motor


    Just got the SLTH together and running for the first time (received it in a box). Took it out to the lake and it ran great, jumping right up with no problems. After running for about an hour (fluttering gas, doing my best to change RPM as much as possible, and keep it below about 5500 RPM's) it seemed to have lost some of its low end response. It doesn't bog but it really didn't seem like it was the same as when I first brought it out. Could this be because I trimmed the needle springs as reccomended in the pamphlet that came from SBT with the carb kits? (Same one that said pop off should be 50psi.) Anyway I'm a little dissapointed since I thought this would be a very good running ski after going through everything. Thinking its probably those springs I trimmed, don't know which springs to use anyway so all suggestions will be appriciated. Thanks guys, green hulk is the bomb.

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    The best proven way to break in an engine for a long lifetime is the following...

    Make sure you use the right oil and have the right gas oil mixture 40:1 if you have a two-stroke...I would use this in my first tank at least if not also the second. As for break-in, from the best reports that I have read and my personal opinion based on knowing people in the Polaris design for the watercraft division, the best thing to do is to ride your jetski for only 15-20 minutes at a time for the first three times you use it. Be sure that the engine gets to cool off completely between the first three rides. On the first ride, do not go over 1/2 throttle, the second ride go only 3/4 throttle and on the third ride go full throttle a couple times but only for about 10-15 seconds. Also, vary your throttle speed as much as possible as you ride. What this all does is get all the engine components up to operating temperatures and then allows them to cool down, it conditions the metal parts due to the expansion and contraction due to the temp changes. This will break-in your jetski for a long life. After that, balls to the wall and have fun!

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    OK well I had 125 PSI in each cyl before starting so we will see how good my break in goes by comparing to the pressure after its all set and done.

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