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    speedster 150 for wakeboarding

    Does anyone no if the 155 hp will handle a 200lb wake boarder. I really dont want the 215 supercharger. I normally wakeboard around 23mph. If anyone has any biggy size riders please let me know. Thanks

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    I dont see why it wouldnt, you can wakeboard behind a 110hp jet ski, Ive even pulled a 190lb guy on one ski on my old 95 xp which was 85hp

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    im selling mine here is the link and the one im selling it has the waketower!

    it has plenty of power to pull!

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    The 155 will pull a 200lb wakeboarder just fine. I'm 165 and have an '06 and board behind it with no problem. I've also pulled my 200lb brother in law, who popped up w/out issue. I've even waterskied behind the boat and got pulled up w/out too much issue.

    I also didn't want the hassle of the SC on the 215 and wanted the better gas mileage and regular unleaded vs. super.

    And you can jump wake to wake easily - you just don't get a heck of a lot of air. It's a bit better than a jet ski. It's great for all your surface tricks. If you haven't learned to do 180's HS/TS in both directions, it's great for learning that.

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