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    Talking The fun is back!

    Finally! Got her buttoned back up! Because of a new career I have no spare time so Jerry put the Stg 3 sc'er together for me. Thanks Jer!! Took it for a spin today after work. Fired right up before I launched and once I dropped it in the water. Idled fine away from the dock and around for a few minutes while I searched for leaks. With no leaks detected and no obvious oversights I stomped on it. To my immediate dismay it wouldn't get past 5800rpm. Didn't sound obviously bad, but I was frustrated. It did sit for quite a while so I figured it was the plugs or fuel...Did the ole' wiggle the wires and VIOLA! Took off like a raped ape!!! Hello rev limiter. 73 and bouncin the limiter in 1 foot seas....not bad a day!

    stg 3 sc'er 9.8lbs boost (though I saw 10+ for the first few minutes)
    4inch kanaflex intake (W/FILTER!!!!)
    15/20 2mm taken out
    Riva intake grate
    RE B/O's
    Stock IC
    stock injectors
    stock exhaust (again)
    hitting the rev limiter (I assume this part cause it was at 8100 80%pull and 8200rpm at 100%)

    takes off like a catholic after communion

    Very happy!


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    Good to hear Sean. glad you had some fun. breakdowns suck, but getting it back on the water makes up for them, kind of.

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    Congrats Dude, lad to see you back, i was wondering where you had gone.

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    1,852 more desk job.....

    no more computer all day=less GH.......I'm still comin' down from the withdrawl

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    hats off !!!!!!! good fer you

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    ya gotta love a happy ending! congrats bro!...PR...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pale Rider View Post
    ya gotta love a happy ending! congrats bro!...PR...
    how come your selling your gtx andy, are you going rxp?

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