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    Kawasaki said GAS IN OIL IS "NORMAL"!!!!!!

    WTF?!?!? You got to be kidding me!!!
    I went to "Berts Mega Mall" in Covina CA and they were on me like flies on shit when I told them I was thinking of buying another jetski. Then I told them that before that would happen, I had a few concerns with the one I bout last month. Mainly.... the gas in the oil. They acted TOTALLY shocked and told me the BS everyone has gotten... "wow, really? thats weird, we never seen that before." So I told them "the ski is out front. Please come look for yourself." So the guy (Service consultant) popped the oil cap and smelled it. He pulled his head back QUICK and said "damn!!!" "Yup, its there." So then the sales guy comes out and asks me "If I take the time to find you the ski you want, are you ready to do this today?" So I told him Iv got serious problems with this ski I just got from YOU GUYS, and I want to know what will be done about it BEFORE I buy another one." They called Kawasaki headquarters and told me "They say its totally normal for the oil to smell like gas." "Its not a problem, it was designed to do that"
    THEN I went to buy spark plugs from parts and I had the guy check THREE times in the computer for the correct plugs. I payed for 8 of them and left. Of COURCE they were totally the wrong ones. The same shit happened last week with them and the oil filter. (they gave me the one for the NON supercharged model.) Which has an O ring that will blow open if you put it on a supercharged model. NICE HUH??!?!?

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    Some amount of gas in the oil of a super-charged engine is common, not the amount some are reporting though.. total BS..

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    1stUFO, your issues and concerns are real but you may not get many reply posts because these things were thoroughly hashed in several other threads already. I have the oil in gas problem myself. Some have reported the problem slowly improving on its own but this has not been my experience. Many were told similar cavalier things by their dealers and Kawi which only aggravated them more just like with you. (Ive come to learn that the decision where to buy the ski may be as important as what ski to buy). It took a while to get there, but ultimately, some good explanations of why gas gets in the oil were posted. I personally believe the solution to the problem should be engineered at the factory that sells an $11,500 machine. But no one is perfect and this was the 1st Ultra production year. More importantly, R&D (and GH w 10% disc) now sell a crankcase ventilator kit that apparently solves the problem. Its $400 but getting the kit and just moving on may be the best thing to do in the long run. My kit goes on next week, but in the meanwhile, Ive been changing oil about every 8 to 10 hrs. Many (including me)but not all have also had spark plug issues. This has also been discussed in many prior threads. Although the plug deal is an annoyance, I also try and keep it in perspective since so many things about these Ultras are so great. BTW, the first time I went to my dealer with a problem I started with "the guys on my internet forum say that..." I realized from the reaction I got that this was not the best opening line to use early in a relationship, before trust and credibility are established. I later laughed pretty hard when some of our members who deal with the public explained how annoyed they get when the customer with a complaint starts by quoting some off the wall internet site. Good luck to you!

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    Thank you for the response. I do understand everything you said, BUT in my opinion there is no excuse. Not when its my hard earned money anyhow!! And its one thing for me to be totally cool about it, IF they even admitted the problem!!...... Not gonna happen when the damn dealers dont even have the decency and honor to so much as admit to the problem in the first place!

    All do respect goes out again to your opinion, really. But for me..... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Just tell the damn truth and go from there!!

    I CAN see this getting into major legal matters for Kawasaki as everyone Im assuming will have to pay out of there own pockets for the fix?? I hope they are smart enough at least to do a recall while its still early and fix the damn problem they KNOW about. Its still a little time to save face....MAYBE....

    Ya...and IM the dick for spending 15K with them, right?? LOL

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    1st UFO, I agree with you that we should not be getting gas in the oil, period. It has been very frustrating for me too, mainly because I still don't know whether its the cause of larger problems that have plagued me, including fouled plugs and intermittent loss of RPMs and top end. I think it has confounded and greatly complicated my diagnostic efforts.

    One thing that does surprise me is that you and many others have been so dissatisfied with the dealer that sold you the ski. My perception is that, in my case, my dealer has been making best efforts to fix my ski. I have no criticism of the dealer. Its in the dealers best interest to keep a happy customer and, wherever possible, have all legitimate bills paid by Kawi under warranty and that is what my dealer has been trying to do. I may just be fortunate in this regard, however. It may also be a function of the relative size of the local market. I also think that many of these dealers are on a learning curve with a new ski just like we are. If Kawi does not give the dealer proper information and support, there is no way the dealer can give these things to the customer.

    To digress for a moment, the first time I said "well, the guys on the internet said that..." I did encounter some subtle scoffing. I was very impressed though to see far more receptivity as the credibility of the source was established over time and my selection and presentation of the info gleaned from this site improved.

    You (and others) may be right that Kawi has not given this matter proper attention. I think that Kawi was way off with its recommended maintenance schedule (including oil changes) and I have doubts about the break in guidelines. I would also say, though, that if my only problem was finding gas in the oil every 8hrs or so, and this could be fixed by buying the crankcase ventilator kit, I'd pay the $400 and never look back. There are so many great things about this Ultra but, more importantly, the older I get the more carefully I try and pick my battles and my aggravations.

    Best of luck to you!

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    [quote=Blue 182;430719]1st UFO, I agree with you that we should not be getting gas in the oil, period. It has been very frustrating for me too, mainly because I still don't know whether its the cause of larger problems that have plagued me, including fouled plugs and intermittent loss of RPMs and top end. I think it has confounded and greatly complicated my diagnostic efforts.

    Hi, You said you get intermittent loss of RPMs and top end. I think I'm getting the same, first I blamed the R&D top loader so took it out but no real change. Next day RPM went from 7720 some runs then 7820 on others, I blamed the weather but now I'm not sure. What have you found?

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    Fussy, I don't know that I'd worry about 100 rpm flux on any given day. I assume that could be variable temperature and air pressure conditions. My problem has been ski sticking at 6400 rpm and 48 mph on a regular basis. Have changed plugs several times, flushed intercooler, checked crankcase "breather pipe," monitored and adjusted oil level, etc. I am coming back to fuel delivery problem because the ski has roared back to life on a couple of occasions when just 1 or 2 bars remain on fuel guage. This happened again on Saturday. After puttering around at 48 for a long time it was hard to head back to the marina when she finally lit and went to 67+ I don't think its tainted fuel anymore because its happened on too many occasions after fill with fresh gas. Will be testing fuel pressure this week. I still have the gas in oil at 70hrs. Engine just quit in the driveway and refused to turn over after the ride on Saturday though so I have a bunch of confounding variables. Ive got a nasty hunch that I may be done for a while.

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    I would start looking at the rear of the ski or a sensor located low on the lower part of the engine. I say this because the first symptom I had I was taking on water was a mis or sudden loss of power and then the ski would roar back to life. It acted just like bad plugs or a fuel delivery problem. After a minute or so then the ski just ran like it was in limp mode with no real power.

    What is strange is when I first noted I was taking on water there was only 2-4 inches in the bottom of the hull and I had to look hard to see the water and everything still appeared dry.

    I still wonder what caused my initial loss of power.


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    coincedence ???? maybe, but when I put my 2* wedge on I forgot to put the bilge hoses back on, after a few hours of riding I had about 2" of water in my ski when I had my first loss of power and my plugs failed. I replaced them and the ski has been fine. I chalked it up to coincidence rather than the small amount of water in the hull..

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    I still have no explanation for why I initially lost power. I am wondering where the ground connects to the engine and if/or the water affected a sensor that would cause a loss of engine power with no alarm.

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