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    Liquid to Air Intercoolers

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    That particular model is for 3000 hp engines. Dimensions are 12x6x6. Hate the site for there are no prices. So they are out. Good thing is they have the same damn ebay cooler on their site,,,,hmmmm,,,makes ya wonder where the hell are they coming from.
    Now with this 3000 hp model it may work for someone running the rr impeller and not doing much else. Price would depend upon retrofitting it or just amping up on mods, injectors and ECU.
    I myself see me going further than I thought. I see an EMS coming my way within the year. I`m going with this ebay cooler and will find out just how durable it is. As of now I have my doubts about it lasting more than one riding season. But at the price I could live with that.

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    Noooo stephanie, nooooo disassemble

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