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    Gotta pull the computers off 07 RXP/

    Hi Guys,

    Finally got my batteries juiced and charged and went to start up my two virgins only to find none of the keys work. They all give one beep except one of the learner keys. I called the dealer in Miami and they said I need to pull off both computers on each and to send them back the computers and all the keys to be re-programmed. They said probably Customs must have X-Rayed them when coming into the country.

    Is there any tips or advise on pulling and shipping these computers back to Miami. I just hope the same thing doesn't happen again when they send them back to me. I would assume disconnecting the battery would be step one before trying to disconnecting them.

    So far my dealings with the dealership leave me less confident in them by the minute.

    Many thanks,

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    OK computers came off fairly easily this morning. Now to ship them and the keys back to the dealership to be re-programmed.



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    You're kidding, right...?
    that sux, where are you riding these things...

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    No I wish I were kidding. I live in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


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    Quote Originally Posted by scottyj View Post

    No I wish I were kidding. I live in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

    WOW? I just saw this thread, I thought you where kidding too? Don't you have a Sea Doo dealership there? If you do, they can do this locally. about the X-Ray thing. I don't know if that would have affected the key...hmmmm. The key lanyards are magnetic, they open and close the circuits???....unless you have no power???? hmmmm. very interesting. YoYamma is a good guy. He still have the smile on his face untill Jan. 2008.........RXT-XXXXXXXXX comes.... His smile will always be remembered at the "REAR VIEW" Mirror of an RXT-X...

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