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    I had a GFI moment

    Ok here goes, was sitting on the throne yesterday and was looking for some parts for my Mustang, saw this in the JEG's catalog and was wondering,

    Now for all the Mudbug guys and drag guys out there we all talk about a cooler charge from the S/C but what about the other part of the charge the fuel? Why not have something like this just for grudge matches and such? I think this could be a great idea and maybe something like this if you route the pipe fromt he intercooler to the throttle body thru it and cool the incoming air charge even more.

    We need to remember it is good to get the hot air out from the engine bay but the fule tank is in there also so why not try to cool off the the fuel like the incoming air. The fule has to be getting hot also but not as bad as sucking in hot air.

    Maybe this is just a stupid idea but then again maybe not. Let me know what you guys think.


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    A few of us talked about something like this a while back...for the intercooller's air flow...never dawned on me to use one for the fuel. Although...come to think of it...a buddy of mine , back in the day, ran a 69 Couger...351 W, cam ect...he had a cool can for his fuel...I don't remember his take on it though.

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    Cool cans are great if u got a hot motor w/ a holley on it and it wants to boil the fuel in the staging lanes (vapor-lock). U can cool it with these and fuel logs that cool as well. I have never seen a set-up on fuel-inj engines. The fuel is under higher pressure (raises boiling point) and can only vaporize when leaving the nozzle of injector (not a bad thing for atomization). Maybe not fact but it is my take on it. That being said, cross-linking technologies from other motorsports is how we are going to get faster each year. We would all do good to stop and check out what is working for other people doing other things. All engines obey certain laws of physics, my favorite is when a rod goes at a very high rpm....what comes to mind is "objects in motion will want to remain in motion" (inertia), which in turn starts another law, having to do with heavy things in motion contacting light things at rest

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