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    reverse rpm limit 03 msx 140

    any of you out there with an 03 msx 140 could you tell me when your ski is in reverse what is the max rpm your boat will do? the manual says around 3500 rpm is max? mine will go higher. i have read that polaris had a lot of various problems with the reverse on these boats. any info or comments? thank you!!

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    It should limit at roughly 3500RPM when the reverse switch is closed.

    You can make this simple test.

    1. Disconnect the wires at the reverse switch (access is through the hood, just remove the bucket).
    2. Put the lever in reverse and check for continuity (at the switch connector), if there is none-replace the switch.
    3. If it has continuity
    Measure between the black wire (at the wiring harness connector) and engine ground. If you have NO continuity you need to repair the ground circuit.
    4. If it has continuity
    Check for continuity between the grey/red pin and pin 36 (at the 40 pin EMM connector). If there is NO continuity repair the red/grey circuit.
    5. If both the black and the grey/red circuits have continuity and the switch tests good you will have a bad EMM.

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