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    Hidden issues

    So we come home, and clean up the ski. Wash,wax, wipe down. Isn't that pretty! Guess what? It's not always what it appears. Here are a few pics of what I found while working on (and considering short cutting) my "good" deal.

    After removing the cylinder and melted piston I found that I had lost a wrist pin bearing. In an effort to save time and money I decided to use a magnet and shop vac in the crankcase to remove any metal that may not have passed through the exhaust yet. Seemed like I had it pretty clean.
    BUT, where did the rest of the piston and bearing go? It was like a snake in the grass. Laying there waiting to strike on the first stroke of the new piston! The needles were inside the reed box and metal shavings were in the case under the reeds.

    As advised, I was going to take apart and clean the fuel selector valve. NOT! The salt had destroyed it so the knob broke off before I could even turn it.

    Then to be sure the fuses were good in the electrical box I opened it up. This thing sits on top of the battery so there is no way water could have gotten in it. WRONG! Without the water, where did the sand come from?

    I know this is a long post but my point is, when someone gives advice on your ski, its probably because they've seen it all before and have found that short cutting for sake of time and money isn't nearly worth the additional cost when it finally gives up on you.

    The last place I want to be when this happens is in the middle of the intercoastal waterway with barges coming from both directions and no help in sight.

    Take the time to keep it SAFE out there.
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