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    Two part piston question

    1) Is there a way to tell the size of a piston when you don't have the original cylinder other than using a micrometer?

    2) I have a good piston that was soaked in a degreaser that changed the color of the aluminum (darkened it a little). I don't think the metal has been changed on the molecular level, but do you think that it would be okay to reuse?

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    part 2 the color is fine! I had a whole bunch of parts do that in the dishwasher as far as part one harbor freight sells some decent tools for measuring cheap! Z

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    the piston size varies .0006" of an inch on new ones not measurable by most people. it will not make a difference if it is used.

    I would not use the one you have.

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    That piston looks kinda rough IMO.Some might say it looks "ok" but i would buy a new one.Thats just me though.There are used pistons floating around here you could buy.

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