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    BRP sticks it to Canadians...

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    You're damn right Bombardier is f*cking Canadians over big time. Any Canadian that goes in and buys a new BRP product right now might as well lube up and bend over. I wish I hadn't bought ours, just to send a message.

    Take our 2007 GTI, for example. Canadian MSRP for the ski is $12,299, in Canadian Dollars. American MSRP is $9,399 US. And the Candian dollar is worth MORE! At today's exchange rate, $9,399 US is equal to 9,218 Canadian. If anything, we should be paying less. ESPECIALLY when you take into consideration that BRP is a Canadian company that has been bailed out of bancrupcy at least 3 times (I know of 3 times myself) by the Canadian taxpayers and government. If Canada wasn't keeping that company going with taxpayer-funded cash injections every few years and lucrative military contracts (even while US companies were offering our military better equipment at much better prices) that company wouldn't be around today to rip us off the way they are. Assholes.

    I hope they see the same lawsuits the car manufacturers are seeing right now about overcharging Canadians. But don't get me started on that...

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    what a low life company Brp they not even read anything on these forums to see what is happening in the real world.from what the U.S dealer is saying he still wants to sell to Canadians.
    They said it's to protect the Canadian dealers but when the Canadian dollar (was at 70 cents) and Americans were going north to make their purchases, nobody was protecting my interests," Thompson said
    theres still ways around everything....

    ya know,i dont know how they can legally not honor there warranty just because there product was bought in another country,thats ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by levonhelmet View Post
    do they not even read anything on these forums to see what is happening in the real world
    Yes, they do read these forums.

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    Then they can stick up their hoop from me. Sorry guys.

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    Can you post in the following thread. We need to unite and have one place to go to for this.
    I will make sure that BRP gets your replies.

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