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    Weber motor information.

    I will be handling many of the Weber questions like parts / service details for Marcel, as he's a very busy guy... There are other established primary service techs in the US also, and the Weber team is very busy setting up new dealers for ALL Weber products.

    The Hydrospace is a very small portion of their market, and they offer complete motor packages from approx 50Hp to the 140 Hp "pump gas" packages for Watercraft, ATV, Boats, Offroad buggy’s & ATV, etc. The list is getting longer each day as more manufactures are purchasing their motor & drivetrain packages. If you have a question about any Weber product, please contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

    If you are an existing Watercraft, Marine or ATV dealer, are interested in the Weber product line and are curious about becoming a Weber Sales and Service dealer please contact me and I will connect you with Dan Schroepfer, the USA Marketing director. If you need or want to become a service dealer for all the Weber Product lines and recreational customers, I can assist you with all questions you may have and establish the contacts with Weber to become a Certified and OEM trained Weber Dealer.

    We just returned from the 2007 IJSBA World Finals, where Weber equipped Hydrospace skis won 17 World titles. We spent all week assisting racers & tuners with the information necessary to improve their performance, and correct some of the misinformation that was causing some confusion about sensors, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. It’s always great to help people solve their problems, answer their questions, and improve their performance. As many of you know, I have been a “support center” for Polaris industries for over 10 years and I have accepted this position with Weber also. I will continue to offer technical support for any Polaris owner. Now I will be “tuning by laptop” as well as supporting my existing customers.

    I am getting a "hands on" education from Marcel and the Weber team, and the performance possibilities are endless... Wait until you see the new V-4 motor. I think Al should drop one in his GP-1200R hull.. . This is an old file, and I will find some newer links and specifications to post soon.. I am extremely impressed with the quality and durability of the Weber motor.

    I know this is an unusually long post for me, but I am really “fired up” about the new technology available, and the endless possibilities of the components. Weber has purchased manufacturing rights to many of the Polaris components, and has perfected the jet-pump assemblies, drive components and created many new parts to compliment the Weber powerplant. I think 200 Hp on pump gas will be very interesting..

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    Very nice Randy. Congrats on the position with Weber.

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