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    New to Forum-Need help with 07 GTX

    I am finally a member and need some help. I have a 07 GTX Limited with 25 hours on it. The washers cratered out at 1 hour during warm up period. I sent the SC to Jerry along with the SC on my 07 RXP to have the metal washers installed in both. The RXP has been running great from the get go, but the GTX is a different story. From 2 hours to 18 hours, I was hitting 7900 to 8000 RPMs and hitting 65 mph on GPS. At 18 hours, it dropped to 6900 to 7000 rpms and the speed was down to 55 mph. I took it to the dealership to have them look at it. After a week and a half they said they could not find anything wrong with it and it runs great. And that the rev limiter is set at 7500 rpms from the factory. I still had to pay $181.00 because they did'nt have anything to charge to warrenty. I pulled the IC and there was water in the air box. Jerry sent me a new IC and test rode it and it still has the same problem.
    When the engine is cool it runs up to 7480 rpm and will hit 64.6 mph and then when it warms up you can see the rpms dropping and the speed back down to 55. RX951 and myself are getting frustrated and ready to blow the engine and let warrenty put a new one in.

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    welcome to the forum John I hope we get these issues worked out. Lets swap that temp sensor on the waterbox like Jerry recommended...

    this is very frustrating guys with this limited... is the thread for those who may not know......


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