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    Exclamation 2006 RXP Weird Problem

    Ok so about 3 days ago I go out to one of my RXP's and put the key in it and start it. After riding for about 2 minutes i notice the trim does not show up on the display, there is no bar, and i have my depth finder showing up, but not reading anything. ive messed wth the trim trying to go up and down and it is stuck ive even had someone get behind the ski to see if it was going up and down and was just not showing up on the display, but it was stuck. i have checked most electrical connections and all fuses, and found on one of the two of the big about 4x2 inch electrical connection in the engine compartment had some corosion in it and some of it was rusted. so i went out and bought electrical cleaner (the right stuff) and sprayed on there and wiped. that got that off, but im still having the same problem. Another thing i noticed is that the spedometer is registering my speed at a real slow rate. i mean real slow! Please help!

    I have attatched a picture of my depthfinder showing up. (sorry for the bad quality, it was a camera phone)

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    I had the exact problem but it's gone now. It all started when I installed the wedge & ext rod. I took the rod off & the problem went away. Maybe it was over extended & confused the sensor?

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    well i live on a lake so i go out on them everyday. I just went out on it. and it has been doing it for about a week not 3 days, sorry wasnt thinking.

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    your ski now thinks it's a GTX, take it to the dealer and have them re-program it. happened to mine.

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    thanks, but do you know how this happened?

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    mine did it one day while on the lake for no reason. seems like it was while at the Nationals last year, started it up and everything looked different on the display. the dealer re-set the MPEM or ECU which ever it is that controls that stuff and everything has been fine since. I've heard of it happening to other ski's too.

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