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    pressurized fuel system?

    Can someone please explain how a pwc fuel system gets pressurized. I see the following statement on previous postings " All pwc utilize a sealed fuel system that has a check valve on the gas tank vent. This check valve (which permits pressure in the gas tank but not out) causes pressure in the gas tank that helps deliver fuel to the carb(s)."

    As I see it, the fuel is pumped out of the tank, what doesn't get used is returned, and the the vent line makes up the loss of fuel with air. I agree a pressurized tank would help deliver fuel to the carbs, but how can the tank get pressurized? Doesn't the check valve just prevent a vacuum in the tank and prevent spill out in the event of a roll over? What am I missing?

    I had a piston meltdown, and am trying to figure out why..... I have a 2001 gp1200
    Thank you!

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    the last one i saw had the 2 check valves one to let pressure out the other to let air in as fuel was used the check valves had a preload set to 3 psi I think the pressure comes from?? not sure but fill any fuel tank without opening the relief and you have pressure in no time! it's always easy to tell when they are working cause the cap will have a little pressure but not too much

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    Take a 5 gallon gas can, full it half way up and set it in the sun.

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    OK, I guess I was reading too much into it..

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    Exclamation GP1200 - Gas in the engine- check valve problem ?

    Just finished fixing an electrical problem w/ my GP after the machine has sat for 2 months. Fired up great yesterday ! Today I took off the carb intake cover only to find gas had filled the bottom of the intake manifold (crankcase?) !! What happened ? Did I blow out a valve gasket or is something creating a siphon action ? Need help..real quick. Not sure if this is gonna drain 12 gallons of gas outta my tank next.....
    Please help - can't find anything in the manual.

    [email protected] or I'll even take a call from anyone willing to advise - 732-309-1100

    Thanks all..

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