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    Electrical connections

    Anyone have a clear explanation of which leads go where for the 1100 electrical system?

    Have an engine to Battery GND cable, and two hot leads to hook up from the electrical box itslef.

    I had the Gnd going to the terminal on the starter, but that didn't seem to make much sense. There's two leads coming from the electrical box - assuming one goes to the battery, I can't get the other one to the starter.

    Am I missing something here?


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    one red wire goes from the battery to the start cylinoid in the electric box then the other red wire comeing from the other side of the cylinoid goes to the starter.
    The ground strap should lead to one of the bolts on the engine.

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    also make sure to put all of your other red wires inside of the electric box on the battery side terminal of the starter cylinod or you will have no power

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    I haven't touched anything on the inside of the electrical box. That's why It's confusing. There's only one red wire long enough to make it to eithe rthe battery or the starter. I'll mess around with it some more tonight and see if I can get the wires a little longer.


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