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    OPAS? Painting SC housing? SC wheel

    On the 07, there is no tubing for water flow on the exterior of the pump. so where do i block off the water flow for the OPAS? What type of paint should i use to paint the outside of the SC housing. Does heat exchange occur while the motor is runnin? is it smart to paint just for looks? do i need to take out the SC to put on a new SC impellar?? what else besides putting on the impeller do i need to do? bearings? anything else?

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    Well you got 8 questions in one thread so Ill address the easier ones for you, the rest I would just search for, theirs lots of info here. Dont paint he supecharger, sure its cool to look at but in the end you chip it off, it gets hot, and flaking paint in your blower impeller, or even in the hull is no good. If anything, have it powdercoated and no worries then, Yes you have to take apart SC for an impeller install.
    Good luck

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    RXP doesn't have water to the OPAS, only RXT & GTX.

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