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    ultra 150 starting question

    Hi guys,

    I think I'm in the right forum here.

    I have a 99 ultra 150 and when I go to start it I just get a buzzer type sound. It won't turn over.

    The power trim works up and down and the dashboard lights up. (yes, the battery light is blinking but it does that practically all the time, even with a new practically new battery.)

    Is this the sign of a dead battery, or is this a bad starter?

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    Start by checking your battery voltage then check all the connections on both the b+ and ground side. Make sure they are clean and tight. The other 2 possibilities are bad starter relay and a bad / dirty start switch. That should help you find it or atleast narrow it down.

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    When starters go bad the lock up. You want here much out of it. If they are getting low power or bad voltage then they make funny nioses as if they are trying just not enough power.

    It would surprise me that the starter is making any niose but not working. Try doing as BTL said. Also try tapping the starter with a wooed mallet.

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