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Thread: GPR at rest

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    GPR at rest

    I havent taken my GPR out in about 2 months is there any thing I should do before I take it out? not sure if its like a car where the oil drains out of the engine after prolonged sitting. I know its oil injected but I want to make sure I dont mess anything up by dry starting it!!

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    Fill it with fuel/oil and let her ripppp!!!

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    Warm it up good ands then PINNIT!!!!

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    Your ok,personally,i spray fogging oil down the spark plug holes after each weekend ride.I just spray about 5 seconds in each hole,put the plugs back in,then light it off for just a second.Been doing that for years.I believe that using fogging oil after each ride helps the cold start for the next weekend ride.This is just my personal method.

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    what type of fuel do you use? any with ethynol in it?

    Two months of non-use with ethynol fuel can gum up the injectors.

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