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Thread: Seat Options?

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    Seat Options?

    Guys; I ran a hard 90+ mile ride yesterday in the ocean with pretty big swells and to be blunt, my ass is a mess. Of course, I rode as much as possible standing, but that doesn't work real well over 4 hours..

    My buddy with a SD GTX has much less of a "problem" because of the cushy seat he has. See this pic; he rode the whole way on the nice ridge in the middle. I've seen the nice covers for the 250 but is there any thing that we can do? Our seats are frankly "thin" in comparison. Thanks in advance, LB

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    seat cover

    The aftermarket makes a big difference when your riding in choppy water for long periods...... You don't have 2 keep pulling yourself forward for the majority of the ride because the seat is wet & slippery, making you use more of your arms than you need 2.........

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    unless you ride with a wetsuit your "problem" with an aftermarket seat will only get worse if you get a non slip one. what you can do is get an apolstery shop to make you a custom one and shape you some new foam. may cost a bit but it will save you from walking like a duck for a week.

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    the hydroturf 1 will do that for sure

    not true, I got my seat cover from 4 tech performance shop it's the riva cover they sell & i ride my ski without a suit & it doesn't tear up my legs

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