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    First trip with the Raider

    Well we went up to the lake for the weekend and took the Raider out. Everything was great and it ran well. What I was really suprised about was how touchy the the throttle was and how quickly it can get moving! I was able to find a nice calm shoreline so that I could really open it up. I didn't have a GPS but with my wife and I the lie-o-meter got to 64 and by myself it hit 68 before I got too scared and let off the throttle, but it was still gaining speed.

    This morning I did run into a little problem as it would die if I gunned it from idle. It would do fine it I eased into the throttle at first, but it was also getting a low on fuel so maybe this is a safety feature?? If not I am sure the carbs need a little cleaning which I have plent of time to do over the winter.

    This thing is a blast!!!!

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    the hesitation from dead idle is a lean condition. Need to open you low speed screw a little(counterclockwise). See if the problem goes away.

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    Why would that have changed all of the sudden? It ran fine all day the day before. It was a little cooler that morning, but not that much.

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    Your just having been a little cooler temp with the right humidity and baro. pressure would make a difference on exhibiting a lean condition with other temps....

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    Probably got a vacuum leak

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