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    Currently running a stock 07 GPR1300, and would like to improve performance for next summer. I am looking for do's, dont's and special tools needed to upgrade to a stage I kit from Riva.


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    someone posted these semi detailed results a whole back on what mods gave what gains. These are jnot riva stage 1 kit mods but mods that the members here have proved over time work rather well.

    these seems to be quite popular mods with the crew here and you can see pretty clear what you will get out of them..

    06/07 models are the same so it applies..


    '06 GPR stock = 64mph

    Modded riva plate,800 grate, stepped sponsons = 67-68mph 7200rpms
    PPK, dynfly 14/20 = 70.2mph 6880rpms

    D-plate,race F/A, EFI controller = 72mph 7080rpms
    Riva heads trim all the way up&superman = 73.1mph 7100rpms

    Added package,VF3 reeds, but had a handling
    problem, could not superman or trim up
    and still running the riva plate = 74.2mph 7240rpms

    14/22 prop but still had problems (bounce) = 74.5mph 7150rpms

    Tried Free flow tube = 73.1mph 7080rpms

    Put Sound suppression back in and found my = 76.4mph 7130rpms
    handling problem

    Added Keyway and more plate/tabs adjustment
    for full superman position = 77.8mph 7200rpms


    another proven list of mods to add to a gpr are these

    Milled Head
    VF3 Reeds
    Sonic Boom Ported Throttle Bodies
    Jetworks Kit
    EFI Controller
    Key Way
    14/20 Dynafly
    Modded R&D Rideplate by Jim or Carl

    Hope this helps, i dont think from what i have read the kits from *cough* are the best way to approach things...

    Anyway I am just getting started myself so i cant say for sure these are perfect but it is the general consesus from the members which i kept handy so i head in the right direction...make up your own mind though.

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    Package good for 77mph with full handling with 1200 grate and sound suppression bypass.... Sound supression and 800 grate should yield 1-2mph...........

    (Jims Plate)
    150psi head ( Jims Performance )
    3 degree keyway
    race flame arrestor
    jetworks mod (Fercho Stile )
    14/20 ,Dynafly( 13/22) TWEAKED
    VF3s and spacer
    sound suppresion bypass
    hull reinforcement
    EFI controller
    1200 Grate
    Water bypass mod on head
    All holes on shoe,plate and tabs filled,quickplastik
    stock tabs spaced .170

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    dont be in a hurry to purchase a stage kit from can piece together what you need on here quickly, save some money, and have better parts............

    tunnel reinforcement should be 1st on your list

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